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Residential Real Estate Closings Attorney in Park Ridge, IL

Real estate transaction forms and processes can be overwhelming. Because our homes are so important to us, we want to ensure that we're making the right investment decisions when closing on a house. That's why I strive to simplify the process and provide you with peace of mind that your legal needs are taken care of.

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Helen Barrett Fanning

Attorney at Law

Since obtaining my law degree from DePaul University College of Law, I have focused my practice on real estate law. I gained extensive experience handling real estate transactions, disputes, and guiding clients through the proper documentation and processes every step of the way. I genuinely enjoy helping individuals and families through big life changes, and buying or selling a home is often a big part of that. Whether you're seeking assistance with a house, preparing your child for college, or establishing plans for the future, don't wait to reach out for my help. I'll use my knowledge and skills to help ease the stress of whatever you're going through today.


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Regardless of what brings you to my firm, I take the time to understand your unique situation, concerns, and goals for the future. If I'm not the right attorney for you, I'll help you find who is. If your case can benefit from my knowledge and skills, I'll make sure you understand your available options and provide solutions that protect your rights and look out for your best interests.

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I know how frustrating it can be to feel overwhelmed by a legal matter and unable to reach your attorney with questions or concerns. That's why I strive to be timely in all of my responses, whether you reach out beyond normal business hours or weekends. When you choose to work with me, I'll keep you informed throughout the process so you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands.

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Helen Barrett Fanning is offering reduced prices for you! First responders will pay $200 in attorney fees for any sale and $350.00 for any purchase.

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Helen Barrett Fanning welcomes all clients regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, or age.

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Give a brief explanation of your case. Feeling overwhelmed by the forms and contracts involved in your real estate transaction? Your real estate closing attorney will get your closing documents in order. That way, you can close on your home as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Providing The Advice You Need to Close With Confidence

Legal issues are stressful, regardless of the matter at hand. Because a home is often one of the largest investments we make in life, it can add additional pressure to wonder whether or not you're taking the right steps and making the right decisions on a property. A reliable real estate attorney can be an invaluable resource for you.

Since 1991, I have helped countless individuals and families throughout the Park Ridge, Illinois area, through their real estate cases. From answering questions and negotiating the best deals, to clarifying contracts and preparing documents, I'm ready to help you through your real estate transaction or dispute today. Don't risk getting caught in an unfavorable situation when you can rely on the guidance and support of an experienced real estate law attorney for the best possible outcome.

For over 25 years, my legal knowledge and skills have expanded to meet the needs of clients through the years and reach beyond matters of real estate law. Whether you are seeking to help your child with their healthcare as they leave for college, providing your child with powers of attorney over your own healthcare decisions and/or property, or establishing a transfer on death deed or small estate affidavit — look no further. I can help you navigate these complicated processes to ensure everything is taken care of properly so your goals are met.

When you need trusted legal counsel in Park Ridge, Illinois, or any of the Northern Illinois areas, reach out to my firm — Helen Barrett Fanning, Attorney at Law. Contact me today for a free consultation and put my experience to work for you.